OPI Infinite Shine


OPI is a nail care and colour brand which needs no introduction. They have developed what they claim is ‘a revolution in nail colour’ by means of their Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer System range, which boasts the ability to keep nail colour holding strong for 10 days with no touch ups. The ‘Gel Effects’ term refers to the intense, gel-like shine which lasts until you take it off, with a likeness to high definition shine ‘without the light’. I love glossy nails - the shinier, the better- so couldn’t wait to try Unequivocally Crimson (a bright red nail colour) and the complementary Gloss Top Coat and Primer Base Coat. The Primer is a clear nail lacquer that is slightly thicker in consistency than the nail colours. It’s very easy to apply and is quick drying. Unlike many base coats, OPI’s Infinite Shine version is supremely shiny, which not only helps the application of subsequent layers, but adds to their shine too. Occasionally I have worn this Primer Base Coat alone.

Unequivocally Crimson is a post box red - a very classic colour which would bode well with and suit many women. OPI’s Infinite Shine finish however takes it right into the modern day, with its cream, gel consistency that yields nearly a full opacity with a single coat. The quality of the shine is unbelievable, although the use of the gloss top coat is not entirely redundant, as it serves to increase the already lengthy longevity of the nail colour and adds further shine.

I have worn each product individually and combined, and when worn together, I found that they did last for well over a week with no chipping. I think OPI have delivered on their claims well and their Infinite Shine range is a convenience to many - you no longer have to visit salons or nail technicians for a gel finish on the nails, and with the accessible pricing, more of us can enjoy the benefits of gel-like nails.

OPI Infinite Shine Prime, Lacquer and Gloss are priced at £13.95 each.

For more information, please visit their website.