Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy


Back in November last year I was introduced to Ojon when I was invited to an event called What's Your Damage where I would receive an analysis of the condition of my hair by treatment technician, Jennie Roberts. My hair is natural but I wear it in protective styles such as braids and weaves so I was keen to find out what condition it is in. Luckily I received a clear diagnosis but she did recommend products that would help maintain and keep my hair in good health. I told her I needed something that would help keep my hair moist and glossy but not greasy and she recommended Ojon Rare Blend Oil. This is a three colour oil that promises to help protect, nourish and transforms dull, dry or damaged hair to vibrant health by using only one drop. What is so interesting about this product is its three oil process. Ojon have gathered potent natural oils called Amber, Crystal and Red which legendary for their great healing powers and infused then into phases that represent three hair texture types.

There are three products for three different hair types: Rejuvenating Therapy Lightweight Texture, for those with fine and fragile hair which helps protect and soften the texture, and help fight frizz and flyaway hair. Moisture Therapy Medium Texture is for those with dry ends and helps to hydrate and soften your hair, boost shine and also reduce frizz. Total Hair Therapy Rich Texture is for those with thick or coarse hair but not necessarily damaged. It helps boost moisture, nourish to repair your hair, tame frizz and prevent damage.

I have been using Moisture Therapy Medium Texture once or twice a week for three months and I have nothing but good things to say about it. It is extremely nourishing and very concentrated; all you need are one to three drops to immerse your hair in either dry or damped hair and you are left with glossy, shiny and soft tresses. I use this oil straight after washing my hair, then I apply it to my damp hair and blow dry it and voila - my hair is smooth and easy to handle. Not only does it leave your hair looking healthy, it's also leaves your hair smelling beautifully.

To activate the oils simply shake to blend the three colours together, all you need is one or two drop of it on your palm and rub together until you feel warmth then apply to your damped hair or dry hair. For damped hair this product helps to repair and protect against heat damage and for dry hair it helps to restore health and enhance high gloss shine.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy is priced at £12.00 for 1ml and £30.00 for 100ml.

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