NYX Cosmetics


NYX Cosmetics is a well-known budget beauty brand, with a large selection of products that cater for every skin tone. I put several of their offerings to the test, starting with their Radiant Finishing Powder. which is an all-over colour correcting pressed powder that aims to brighten and even out the skin tone. It is incredibly easy to use and I find it does a great job in brightening and highlighting areas of the face. It is best to use a large, fluffy brush so as to ensure you get the right amount - just a dusting. Fans of Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Finishing Powder will be happy to learn that NYX’s version is an excellent, affordable dupe for it. Another product which I tried was their Eyebrow Push-Up Bra, which is described as a dual-sided pencil that ‘delivers sensual eyebrows in just a few minutes’. The two shades are suitable for any skin tone and easily fill in and shape brows, and brighten the brow arch to give them the lift which a push-up bra would give. Unlike a lot of eyebrow pencils, this one is creamy and soft, with a smooth and even payoff, meaning you can easily avoid harsh lines and can create a natural looking brow, but better, making the Eyebrow Push-Up Bra live up true to its name.

I nearly always wear a cat-eye so was looking forward to seeing how the Super Fat Eye Marker fared, especially as I usually go for gel rather than liquid liners. It looks very much like a whiteboard marker, so not very attractive, but the results are better. It lasts for several hours without smudging, creasing or fading, and unlike a lot of liquid-based liners, doesn’t give a finish that is too shiny. Because of the marker pen style, it’s effortless to create lines of any thickness.

The last product I tried was the Concealer Wand. I tried this in shade Fair - a little too light for me - but I was really pleased with the formula and consistency of this concealer. It’s a liquid texture with a thick, almost mousse-like consistency, which ensures that dark circles and imperfections on the face are properly concealed. The formula is incredibly hydrating and doesn’t dry, cake or settle into fine lines, most likely due to it being being emollient rich. This product comes in a range of colours, including lavender and green, to address skin concerns such as sallow skin, redness and discoloration.

Overall, I think NYX Cosmetics is an excellent budget brand, with some great dupes of high-end products, making beauty products wonderfully accessible and affordable but with no compromise on quality.

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The Radiant Finishing Powder is priced at £6.00, the Eyebrow Push-Up Bra at £9.00, the Super Fat Eye Marker at £9.50 and the Concealer Wand is priced at £6.00.

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