NuNaat Brazillian Patauá Oil Collection


Afro hair has a vast range of textures and product developers have been scouring the earth for suitable ingredients that will give customers the results they want. I’ve noticed that ingredients native to Brazil’s Amazon forest are now being used. NuNaat have developed a hair system with Pracaxi and Patauá Oils which they refer to it as the Ultimate Hydration Moisture Infusion Hair Care System. I would describe my hair and being fine and curly 3B/3C texture and it is challenging to find affordable products that meet my hair’s needs. I tried NuNaat’s Brazillian Patauá Oil range this summer and it was perfect for my hair. Behind the NuNaat brand is the ethos to fuse nature with modern science, creating an array of extraordinary hair care products. They have a wide range of products, of which the Brazilian Patauá Oil range is a recent addition. It’s a blend with Patauá Oil and Pracaxi Oil along with Omega 3, 6 and 9 to create a hair care system that promises nourished healthy full body hair. I received four products from Brazilian Patauá Oil range which were the Revitalizing Sulfate Free Shampoo, Hydration Plus Moisturizing Conditioner, Shine Enhancing Thermal Protect Hair Lotion and Cuticle Protect Wrap Setting Mousse.

I used the shampoo and conditioner four times over the last month, during my weekly hair cleanse. Although the shampoo lathered a lot my hair didn’t feel stripped, in fact my hair felt super soft. I followed up with the conditioner and that began working within seconds. Detangling my hair was quite easy to do with this product and after rinsing it out my hair was unbelievably bouncy. I used the hair lotion as a styling aid several times during the week to restyle my hair and tame frizzy edges.

While the hair lotion is meant to be used before the setting mousse, I didn’t use them together during my trial. The Lotion is very lightweight but worked incredibly well on my hair. On a few occasions I set the curls by diffusing and other times I allowed my hair to air dry. Every time, my curls were well defined and frizz free, not even on days when the temperature went up to 31C in London did my hair drupe. My curls maintained their formation all day long.

The wrap mouse I used once due to personal choice. I prefer lotions for my hair rather than mousses. I flat-twisted my hair, instead of roller setting as directed, then, I used my diffuser to dry my hair and I left the twists in overnight. The following morning I untwisted my hair with a little pure coconut oil for ease. My tapered TWA is growing out so I applied a little to the hair lotion to neaten my edges and define the curls back.

The lotion and wrap mousse work quite well together and can also be used for blow-out styling. I believe the shampoo and conditioner can work for any hair type. However for coarser hair types I can’t comment on how effective it will be for a blow out, due to my inexperience in that styling method. As for twist outs and braid outs, a gel with a stronger hold may be required or a rod-setting for longer lasting curls. Overall I’m quite happy with the Patauá Oil range.

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