Nude by HJ Manicure


HJ Manicure is described as a luxurious boutique nail brand. A few things strike me about the brand’s nail polishes - they are 5-Free (formerly I had only come across 3-Free), vegan friendly, cruelty free, and surprisingly affordable given that HJ Manicure identify themselves as a luxury brand. There are a few collections within the brand; I tried Caramel Latte and Peach Blossom from the Nude collection. What I particularly love about the Nude collection is that HJ Manicure haven’t just identified one natural shade and called it ‘nude’- most brands on the market do this but that single nude usually caters for fair skin. There are six shades in HJ Manicure’s Nude Collection and every skin tone is catered for.

Caramel Latte is the perfect nude for me and matches my skin colour well. When it’s applied on my nails, my fingers look elongated and slimmer (that’s the power of a good nude). One coat of this is generally enough and provides an almost opaque finish. Peach Blossom is a delicate, light pink which mimics the pink of my nail beds, and for that reason it would suit everyone. These nail polishes dried relatively quickly due to the smooth, thin but gel-like consistency. It lasted 3-4 days before chipping.

HJ Manicure have done a great job in creating quality nail polishes that come in a wide variety of bright, bold and classic shades to suit any occasion. I sought nude nail polishes after I saw Kerry Washington wearing it in Scandal, which is a nod that nude nail polishes are sophisticated and stylish. A good nude is a shade suited for all occasions and I thoroughly recommend HJ Manicure’s selection of nudes, as well as all their other shades. The glass bottles are simple but smart, and I can overlook the fact that I found the brushes slightly small because at £9.50 for 14.8ml, they are pretty good in value and long-lasting too.

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