NoScrunchie Meet Up


Have you ever had a bad experience at a hairdressers that left you feeling so upset and outraged that you ranted to your family and friends? Did you ever wish that there was a platform where you could vent your annoyance and share your experiences with others? Well that was my wish for a very long time and voila it came true last year when Leillah Sekalala launches NoScrunchie. The website is a forum where consumers can leave comments both good and bad about their experiences at salons. It is also a space where people can search for a reputable place to get their hair done and use the comments in order to make an informed decision. The site has gathered quite a bit of a following and is now regarded as one of the go to place for opinions on afro hair hence this article in The Guardian over the weekend. Anyhoo NoScrunchie are having a meet up on Tuesday 15th April at 6.30pm to discuss weave maintenance for healthy hair. They will be covering topics such as how to look after your weave, different types of weaves on the market, how to take care of your weaves and how to find a good salon that will install the weave. A rep from Mizani will be speaking as well as the ladies from Mane Divas. So whether you have a weave or are thinking about getting one then this event is for you and best of all it is FREE! For more information about the event and how to attend just visit the Meet Up website.