New Brand Alert - EPARA Skincare

EPARA Skincare, which means ‘to cocoon’ in the Nigerian dialect of Ebira, is the first luxury range aimed at Women of Colour (WOC).

Ozohu Adoh, the founder of the brand had suffered from severe skin sensitivity, and even skin tone, and hyper pigmentation. She had long searched for products to treat her skin concerns but had without any luck. Eventually after frustration she decided to develop her own. 

She looked to Mother Nature and to Africa for what would work best for Women of Colour such as Moringa Oil, Marula Oil and Shea Butter, and in doing so developed a line that aims to solve some two of skin concerns that women of colour struggle with namely dehydration and pigmentation.

Beautifully packaged and stocked at Harrods and online at EPARA, the range is a select edit of key skincare products to meet your skins needs. Developed by Ozuho herself in conjunction with the lab in the UK, the range has been super charged with bio available ingredients.

Every product in the range contains Plankton Extract, a micro algae derived bioactive that works to reduce age spots, even the skin tone, brighten and rejuvenate the skin and all the products are designed to be healing, soothing and packed with antioxidants to boost the skin. As well as being free from harsh chemicals, mineral oils and synthetics.

The products are also beautifully scented with a rich comforting aroma that runs throughout the collection - some of the key scents include geranium oil, neroli oil, sandalwood oil and ylang ylang oil.

I tried out the Cleansing Oil which is rich, nourishing and non stripping - it envelops you with a luxurious relaxing aromatic scent that when breathed in helps to melt some of your days stresses away.

Texture wise it's a heavier Cleansing Oil and I personally enjoy using it as a second cleanse - after removing my makeup and then really massaging and working its magic into my skin. It emulsifies when combined with water and rinses off well.

I also tried the Intense Hydrating Mask which is described as a notion creamy mask to cleanse purify and remove toxins from the skin. The combination of moringa oil, marula oil and allantoin helps to soothe and calm the skin as well as Kaolin clay which helps to soften the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin. After use my skin felt both clean and nourished. 

I love both products, they worked really well for my skin and they are about working with the skin and not against it so they don’t strip your skin if it’s natural oils or or weaken its barrier. I also love the philosophy and origins of the brand and would definitely recommend that you head to Harrods or the EPARA Skincare website to find out more about the brand.

The Cleansing Oil is priced at £45.00 and the Intense Hydrating Mask is £105.00. In my opinion the cleanser is worth the price especially if you compare it to similar competitors such as Antonia’s Cleansing Oil which is £46.00 for 100ml  while this one is £45.00 for 150ml. I don't think the Mask is worth the price; I feel that a bit more work needs to go into developing it so it performs more effectively.