My Teen Skincare Life - Franka Asindi


Franka Asindi is the editor of Blanck which is a digital Pan-African fashion and lifestyle magazine. The publication features the best creative talent from the African continent. From fashion, entertainment and culture, it aims to paints a positive light on the achievements of Africans at home and in the diaspora. She took time out to tell us about her teen skincare life. Tell us when you first came across skincare products. Well, I was raised in a house with six girls and I happen to be the last child, so I pretty much knew about skincare and a lot of products from a very young age as my older sisters were obsessed with beauty and the likes. The only thing was – I was a little tomboy who hated to have a bath talk more of even using lotions after. I remember using all sorts of brands from Olay to Clear Essence to some other skin whitening creams, without caring much about their effects; only because I was mandated to.

Who were your influences in regards to your skincare? My sisters played major roles in this aspect. There were different schools of thoughts on beauty in my house. While some believed in toning and brightening your looks, there were others who believed in simple moisturisers and maintaining the skin's natural composition. So growing up, I danced to different tunes until I became my own woman.

What were the brands that you started using when you were a teen? I suffered bouts of acne attack as a teenager so I used quite a lot of products but the most prominent ones were products by Johnson & Johnson especially their facial cleansers and scrubs, I used Clear Essence for a while and then moved on to Fair & White which eventually gave me a multicoloured skin tone before I stopped.

What have you learnt about your skin since your teen years? I feel like my skin has mood swings. There are times when things are so rosy with us and then it loses it. It starts looking dry and dated, forcing me to invest so much in moisturisers. Even though I naturally have oily skin, my skin is really soft and somewhat delicate. I bruise easily but luckily I heal fast too. (Sounds like a verse from a song) LOL.

How has your skincare regime evolved since then? Oh, we’ve done quite well, if I must say. A friend and colleague introduced me to the Clinique brand and I have to say that I’m totally loving the outcome. I rarely layer my face these days and the products are easy on my skin especially the moisturising gel.

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