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Welcome to My Shelfie where once a week each member of brownbeauty will show you all the gems on their bathroom shelf. This week's Shelfie interrogation is Tunrayo Oyewole. I have a basic everyday routine that I go by both in the morning and evening and I make sure I follow the routine regardless of how tired or whether I am running late for work. I share the bathroom with my brother as I'm not lucky enough to have my own bathroom and we share the cabinet. My stuff pretty much takes up most of the space in the cabinet which is down to me being a girl - I can't help it.

I go through different products in a bid to find the perfect one that works for me. As we live in the UK where the weather can be very unpredictable and harsh on the skin, I like to be prepared and always have a backup skin routine. As you can see in the picture of my shelf, I have a wide range of products that does pretty much the same thing but at a different pace and despite the weather or season. In the shelf are a few of my favourite brands that I can't do with out.

Soap & Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter The new edition to the lineup, I use this at night as it has moisture in it so there is no need to use extra moisturiser. With the help of Cocoa, Sheabutter, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond and Macadamia Nut Oil, it keeps me moisturised and repairs my skin through the night.

Crystal Clear 10 Minute Glow This face mask works very well, I use it both in the summer and winter or whenever I need that extra glow for a special occasion. It helps to eliminate blackheads, whiteheads and keeps my face looking fresh and youthful.

MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Facial Scrub This little saviour in a tube is one of my favourite Facial Scrubs as it is not harsh on the skin. It is gentle and very effective and helps fight against unwanted visitors such as spots, and blackheads. It purifies the skin basically. I use it once or twice a week depending on how my skin feels.

MyChelle Clear Skin Spot Treatment I use this whenever I get spots, it purifies, controls and helps with blemish recovery.

Simple Pore Minimising Toner, Hydrating Light Moisturiser, Purifying Cleaning Lotion, and Illuminating Radiance Cream Now these are my every day products. This skincare brand is so gentle on the skin and does exactly what it says on the packaging. They are soap free, chemical free, and works great on sensitive skin.

DHC Pore Collection This one of my many favourite brand because again, it's so gentle on the skin. It works great both in both winter and summer. I Highly recommend this.

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleaner  When I need an extra bit of TLC I go to this product. It polishes away any dullness and excess cellular debris. I use this during the Winter to retain that Summer glow and keep looking refresh.

DHC Revitalising Moisture Stripe (Eyes) I use this twice a month, depending on how rough life has been. It literally moisturises my under eye area and helps sort out any dark circles or dryness.

h2o Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter This is one of my everyday use. It keeps my skin moisturised and hydrated all day especially at winter when I need that extra moisture on the skin.

DHC Revitalising Moisture Stripes (Mouth) This does exactly the same thing as the Revitalising Moisture Stripes for eyes. I use them both together overnight or at the weekend all day.

Tunrayo's Shelfie

Do you use any of the products on Tunrayo's Shelfie?

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