My Favourite Sun Protection Products for brownbeauties


OK, I know summer is officially over in the UK but woooh, it is going to be a scorcher today - in fact the hottest day in many years - so you will certainly need some sun protection. Denise Rabor, is a renowned makeup artist who has worked with the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, ELLE and Vanity Fair. She launched WOW Beauty which is a platform that celebrates the beauty of diversity. She took time out to tell us about her favourite sun protection products for brownbeauties

Okay beauties, so hopefully you've all accepted that you have to wear sun block. Yes, we are blessed with lots of melanin and yes it can take a longer time for our skin to burn but here's the thing: no matter how much melanin we are blessed with the sun can and will still burn our skin and unprotected skin will age faster. Yes, I know the saying that ‘black don't crack’ but it does if it isn't protected.

I'm sure that you've noticed that when you visit hot countries like Africa, the Caribbean, and Southern Asia some people generally avoid going out in the sun when it's most potent between 12.00pm and 3.00pm and if they do go out, some resort to using umbrellas or hats to shield themselves from the sun.

It used to be a really tedious process to find a face or body sunblock that would compliment dark skin tones as opposed to leaving a rather unattractive greyish chalky effect. Many brands caught on to the fact that sunblock needed to be modernised and there are more and more transparent products available. What's great is that many of the newer formulations do more than just protect our skin from the sun, some of the body products are also skin moisturisers and nourishers, while some of the face blocks are primers and revitalisers. So, you really have no excuse.

Face Best serum style - it's gotta be Cover FX Clear Cover Invisible Sunscreen Broad - Spectrum SPF 30. This high performance serum style sun block is a game changer as most Cover FX products are. This SPF 30 Face Protector is clear, as in totally transparent and looks and performs like a serum, so you can feel at ease whether you’re wearing it alone or applying makeup, either way your skin will look great.

Priced at £36.00.

Best primer – Eve Lom Flawless Radiance Primer SPF 30. Wow! Things just keep getting better on the skincare front. This Primer is designed to make sure that we have no excuses for not wearing sun protection all year round. It not only moisturises and brightens, but with its potent mix of antioxidants it protects from free radical damage and increases hydration too. All resulting in a luminous glow.

Priced at £42.00.

Best SPF 50 – This new Nuxe Melting Cream High Protection SPF 50 is lush. It helps to prevent dark spots and contains Water Hyacinth which provides intense moisture to the skin as well as Kau Pe Flower to soothe. Don't be mislead by its richness, it won't block your pores as it is non-comedogenic as well as paraben and alcohol free.

Priced at £17.00.

Face and Body Best oil - Vichy's new Ideal Soleil SPF 50 is a sexy dry oil that you can use for both face and body and it works for sensitive skins as well. To apply to your face, just spray it into your hands and apply. It's hypoallergenic, water resistant and paraben free. Oh yes and it smells like summer.

Priced at £16.50.

Best sensitive product – Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced SPF 50. This high protection lotion looks milky but sinks into the skin invisibly. It is hypoallergenic, perfume and colourant free.

Priced at £8.00.

Body only Best Oil - Zelens Body Defence SPF 30: I'm loving this sunscreen because not only is it a silky, luxurious oil; it's also formulated with powerful antioxidants designed to replenish moisture. It also reinforces the skin’s natural barrier and combats signs of premature skin ageing.

Priced at £55.00.

Best product for sensitive skin - La Roche Posay - Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Protective Oil – no parabens, no perfumes and perfect for sensitive skins.

Priced at £18.00.

Best lotion - Garnier have a great range of sun protection products but the Dry Mist - Ultra Light Dry Protection Mist SPF 50 is one of my favourites. It is absorbed by the skin without leaving sticky or having a greasy finish, just a satin glow. It's alcohol free and water resistant.

Priced at £8.50.

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