Modie Moisturising Crème

Modie HairCare is the new brand on the block but definitely not one to overlook. Their Moisturising Crème is the first product making waves and I couldn’t wait to get it in my hair. The Moisturising Crème has a light and creamy texture and a pleasant scent. I love it’s packed with natural ingredients like olive and castor oils and monoi flower extract. It’s amazing for dry hair especially 4c hair. I love that it’s not greasy/oily and really softens your hair. 

The crème is very easy to work into the hair and I could feel my hair softening as I applied. It does what it says on the tin: it softens and smooths the hair. For my 4c hair, I usually love layering products using the LOC method for maximum moisture, however with the crème, I can skip all of that and just use it alone which works out great for quick/lazy wash days.

I found this product very lightweight but still providing deep and lasting moisture. I used it for my flat twists after washing my hair and found my hair still soft and moisturised after three days. The texture of the crème is smooth and has a medium/thick consistency. I have used it on both wet and dry hair and each time I get the same amazing results. I have even used a little bit of the crème on the dry ends of one of my wigs - Yaki hair texture (I like to experiment) and it wasn’t too heavy for it and brought it back to life. 

My hair texture means it’s very prone to dryness and I am always on the hunt for a product that will not only moisturise it but soften it as well. I love this crème and will definitely recommend it for other naturals especially for 4c textures. It leaves your hair soft, smooth and moisturised without the need for extra oils or extra creams/lotions the next day. It doesn’t leave hair greasy which I also like and it’s also sulfate, paraben and silicone free. 

Modie Moisturising Creme is priced at £14.99.

For more information, please visit their website