Missguided Babe Oud Eau de Parfum

How do you choose your perfume, is it by season, occasion or emotion? I go with how I’m feeling.  I’ve been using MissGuided’s Babe Oud Eau de Parfum recently. In theory, I should have loved the fragrance because it contains many of my favourite scents but it didn’t appeal to me. So it got me thinking, is fragrance influenced by age?

This fragrance is a follow up to the sweet-smelling success of their 2017 bestselling debut fragrance, Babe Power, There are three fragrances in the collection; Boss Babe, Babe Dreams and Babe Oud.

Babe Oud Eau de Parfum is a heady aromatic fragrance. It contains rich aromatic Middle Eastern scents. The heart notes are geranium, jasmine, oud, black pepper, roses and saffron. While the base notes are amber, cedar, kashmir fusion, musk, patchouli, tonka and vetiver. I would say it’s an inter-seasonal fragrance; not too heavy for summer and not to light for winter.

The brand MissGuided is a UK-based multi-channel retailer selling clothes and their target customer are 16-35 year old women.  Now, I like to think I’m still fashionable because I certainly rock the trends I like. However, this fragrance just didn’t appeal to me.

I wore it on several occasions, sometimes in the day and sometimes in the evening and I hoped it would grow on me but it didn’t. My first impression (which has stayed with me) is that the fragrance is for a younger lady.  Hubby liked it and he’s six years my junior. I would say it’s a fragrance that will take you from day into night which is perfect for the busy festive season.

One thing I must say is that you will not fade into the background with this fragrance. I would advise you to test it first before committing, unless of course you are used to MissGuided’s fragrances. You just might like it, even if I didn’t. 

Missguided Babe Oud Eau de Parfum is priced at £28.00.

For more information, please visit their website.