Micro Nail Electric Nail Polisher


I’ve always associated Emjoi with quality electric products such as epilators and pedicure products, so their latest launch wasn’t a complete surprise, and I was more than keen to try it out. The Micro Nail Electric Nail Polisher is said to ‘buff and shine nails in seconds’, which, if true, makes this a holy grail. Setting the Electric Nail Polisher up for use was a bit fiddly - luckily the instructions were relatively simple. When you switch it on, the rollers rotate quickly (at 1800 times per minute) and work quickly, so each nail doesn’t need more than two seconds for smoothing and shining. I started off with the Micro Smooth Rollers, which are grey in colour, to smooth away ridges on my nails. I don’t tend to have harsh ridges so created some to test how good the smooth rollers were. My ridges were smoothed instantly, with little effort. Those who spend ages filing their nails to ensure a smooth edge and finish can save a lot of time and labour with this product.

I was even more expectant for the shine feature since I try to keep my nails naturally shiny whenever I can. However, with a busy schedule, the process of buffing and shining nails quickly falls down in a list of priorities because it can be time-consuming and requires effort. The Electric Nail Polisher solves the time and toil issue with the Micro Shine Rollers, which are spongy and white. They made my nails really shiny and impossibly smooth.

You can achieve a greater, clear shine using clear nail polish but the fact that this product makes nails shiny naturally is more attractive to me. You do have to be careful that you don’t subject each nail to the Micro Shine Rollers for more than two seconds, or you could take too much of the upper nail coating off. Using this product with the Micro Shine Rollers created a smooth base for nail polish application too. The shine lasted for about four to five days for me before it showed signs of dulling.

Along with the Emjoi Micro Nail battery-operated device, the set includes two AA batteries, two Micro Smooth Rollers, two Micro Shine Rollers and a small string pouch, presumably to keep the rollers in. The main disadvantage lies with the rollers - they aren’t permanent and have to be replaced. The replacement rollers aren’t that cheap, either. With this new and innovative product, I would have preferred and expected that there was a way you didn’t have to replenish the rollers. Apart from that, I really like this agreeable, handy little device which truly takes the hard work out of nail buffing.

The Micro Nail Electric Nail Polisher is available to buy for £39.99.

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