Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

We all need a good lipgloss in our lives, one that we can swipe on at the end of the day when we can't be bothered with some lipstick or when we are just popping out to run some errands. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb ticks all the boxes.

When Fenty Beauty launched last year with great hysteria, it was all about the 40 shades of foundation and Killawat. However, it was Glass Bomb that caught my eye. Yes I will admit that the chic bottle and luxe packaging played a huge part but it was the promise of a good quality lipgloss that was the huge pull.

I picked up Gloss Bomb earlier this year and I have been using it for a few months and I love it. There are two things that a good lipgloss must have and that is damm good application and great texture - this product has both. The wand makes it easy for you to apply the gloss and you have full control over how much or how little you can take out of the bottle.

The texture is yummy, it is thick but not too sticky and it contains shea butter that conditions your lips.  It also comes in  a rose nude shade but the colour is so sheer that it barely shows on your skin. Plus it has a gorgeous peach-vanilla scent which is an added bonus. 

At £15.00 this product is great value for money especially if you don't fancy replacing your lipglosses every month or so.

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