Merumaya Hydrate & Protect™ Hand Cream


As a mother to two young children my hands take quite a battering. So for basic hygiene and to prevent the spread of germs when one of them is ill, I wash my hands quite regularly. As a result my hands sometimes get quite dry and irritated. I do moisturise regularly, however, I’ve found that hand creams don’t often have the appropriate balance between hydration, protection, fragrance and gentleness for sensitive skin types. The lack of one element means that my hands suffer and then I spend weeks trying to get rid of itching and dry patches. I recently trialled Merumaya Hydrate & Protect™ Hand Cream and found it to be quite effective. Over the period of one month I used Merumaya Hydrate & Protect™ Hand Cream when I was out and about. I had a 50ml tube which was easy to pop into most of my handbags and it was my hand cream of choice because it’s so rich and absorbs quickly. After application my hands felt soft, smooth and looked naturally moisturised not shiny. I didn’t have to wait before doing anything, for fear of leaving oily finger prints behind. I only topped up the application after washing my hands. At one point I began using it at home as well; my palms had become rough from constant scratching caused by a bout of excessive dryness. I was relieved that I could notice improvement within hours.

This Hand Cream has a mild and pleasant fragrance which I found soothing. I can’t describe it except to say its smells botanical to me. The benefits from using this cream are pretty impressive; it protects the often neglected skin on the hands from UVA/UVB rays, thus helping to prevent further skin ageing, it contains anti-ageing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, to provide deep moisturisation and it plumps the skin, smoothes out lines and uneven textured plus it makes your hands look brighter, rejuvenated: smooth and more youthful.

Merumaya is an anti-ageing brand that takes into consideration the other problems that users may have with their skin. As a lady on the other side of 40 years, it’s a relief to find brands that allows me to maintain youthful skin without irritation. Merymaya integrates natural ingredients with innovative advances in science. What you get is a brand that has a range of products that alleviate skin problems and also functions as a preventative skincare.

Merumaya Hydrate & Protect™ Hand Cream is priced at £12.50.

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