Melvita’s 3 Honeys Balm


I’ve often used pure honey as a moisturising face mask, and I’ve never left my lips out of the pampering. In fact pure honey has a long list of benefits; it’s an excellent multi-taker. and in terms of skincare, honey is good as an antioxidant, antibacterial, moisturiser and clarifier. Melvita who are known for its natural and organic beauty products, now have a new multi-purpose product named 3 Honey Balm. I mainly used Melvita’s 3 Honeys Balm as a lip balm and found it quite soothing. As you would expect from a honey based product, this balm was created to be a multitasking. As a busy mum, I really appreciate a product that works, saves me time and is portable. 3 Honeys Balm comes in a petite plastic pot and has a mild sensuous honeyed-orange smell. The consistency is soft and waxy but melts and absorbs quickly into the skin. I used it on my chapped lips and it instantly soothed them and my lips looked moisturised but not greasy. After using it for a week my lips were back to being super soft and smooth.

Other benefits of the balm are that it improves dry and scaly patches, it is very soothing and healing on cuts and it repairs and soothes minor irritations and redness. After recent minor surgery I developed a few dry patches around my abdomen. I applied the Balm to the affected area and instantly I could see an improvement. Prior to that I’d been using my regular body lotions but there had been no improvement. I noticed some hours later, the area still looked and felt moisturised. Additionally, I could see subtle improvement with the dry patches. On the following day the patches were half-way to being gone.

Melvita describes their 3 Honeys Balm as a desert island product and I agree. It’s a wonderful product that will work well all year round. At £10 it's not cheap for such a small pot but nonetheless, for an award winning organic product that works, I think its good self-investment.

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