Melvita Nectar Bright Brightening Eye Contour Serum


I have to admit that I am not great with eye creams. The texture can put me off and I don’t understand why brands usually tell you to put the cream around the eye but not actually on the eyelid which is where I want to put it. Forgive the long name and preserver with the product because it is worth it. Brownbeauty are fans of Melvita products – they are affordable, effective and organic with minimised impact on the environment. The Melvita Nectar Bright Brightening Eye Contour Serum comes in a glass bottle and is dispensed with a pipette. I like it already. The first clue about the brightening element is from the pearlescence that you can see in the serum. Thankfully it is not glittery on the skin - in fact the pearlescence can’t be seen at all which is great as this product can be used day and night. It has a light loose gel texture and absorbs quickly and easily into the skin and thankfully this IS a product that you can use over the lid as well as around the orbital bone. It does not leave the skin sticky. It contains a quartet of white flower extracts (narcissus, wintergreen, white lupin and bellis)

The serum is white with pearlesence thankfully it is not glittery on the skin. The texture is very light and it absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving a sticky residue. Despite the pearlesence that you see when you put a drop onto the back of your hand, there is no shimmer or glimmer on the skin. You can use it over the lids (hurrah) as well as around the orbital bone. If you are someone that uses an eye cream you could layer it over the top of this serum – especially if your cream is targeting wrinkles or puffiness as this product is specifically for brightening.

You get fifteen ml of product but only three months to use it by. Even using it twice a day, you won’t get through it as you only need a very small amount. This is a good option for a first eye cream or you suffer from eye strain due to days and nights in from of a computer. It is very cooling on the skin which is great for hayfever season – especially if you keep it in the fridge as I have been.

The Melvita Nectar Bright Brightening Eye Contour Serum is priced at £30.00. For more information please visit their website.