Meet the Five Beauty Brand CEOs That We Love


The beauty industry is saturated with talented women who have created their empires from scratch. However we don't always get to hear about the Women of Colour who are doing the same. We have put together a list of the top five beauty brand CEOs that we love. The Chic Scientist Anita Grant created her self named brand in 2005 after suffering a harsh reaction from using what she thought was a safe synthetic hair lotion. Today Anita Grant is one of the most successful independent hair and skin care brands in the country. It was the first brand to launch the first chocolate rich deep conditioners - Rhassoul Deep Condishes. Her objective is to create a line of natural hair and skin care products. With gorgeous packaging, products from Anita Grant are sourced only from the finest natural food grade ingredients but most important of all they are affordable. Her best-selling product is her Monoi de Tahiti which is a multi-purpose oil that can be applied for a variety of personal care uses.

The Sheabutter Queen Akua Wood is considered to be the godmother of WoC beauty brand owners especially when it comes to Shea Butter. Hence the name of her brand, Sheabutter Cottage which is dedicated to using natural ingredients and producing the finest quality products for the benefit of all customers. Based in Reading, Akua has been trading since 2002 and is well respected amongst her peers. She has won many awards such as GUBA and AWE. Her products range from lip balms, african soaps, body scrubs and coconut virgin oil and most of them are purchased directly from farmer co-operatives in Ghana.

The Vegan Pioneer Former makeup artist, Clare Eluka launched Premae Skincare last year and has taken the beauty world by storm, picking up numerous awards along the way. Premae is the first luxury Vegan approved beauty brand and consists of skincare and bodycare for women, men and babies. Customers will be able to pick up luxury products that deal with adult acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and signs of ageing. They recently launched the World first Mango Butter based foundation and followed that up by opening their first store in West London.

The Lipstick Queen Florence Adepoju is a lady who is making huge strides in the make-up world. She created MDMflow when she saw a gap in the market for a lipstick brand that was cool, off beat and influenced by 90s hiphop. Since then Florence has been featured in The Source and Vogue ItaliaMDMflow lippies are entirely bespoke and as well as creating then in popular shades of red, coral and pink, Florence also makes them in daring colours like dark blue and yellow.

The Skincare Supremo Highly acclaimed by the likes of Vogue and other beauty officinados, Antonia Burrell's skincare range is considered to be the holy grail. With two decades in the industry, Antonia has developed a portfolio of ground breaking products that the top beauty editors swear by. Items such as the Natural Glow Cleansing Oil, Radiant Light Facial Serum and Forest Dew Skin Conditioner are her hero products and an essential in every lady's bathroom.

What do you think of our list? Have you tried the products by any of them women we have mentioned? Is there anyone we have missed out?

The picture above is from Anita Grant and is of her Curl Conditioning Clay Hair Wash.