MDMflow Greater Than - Mascara


You know to expect something edgy and unique with MDMflow, which is the case when I was anticipating their Greater Than - Mascara. MDMflow don’t give too much away with their debut Mascara, describing it simply but boldly - as ‘the most intense, highly pigmented XXL black, volumising mascara’. This is no unassuming statement, so I was keen to see if the Mascara actually delivers. The plucky statement is met by an equally striking exterior and overall visuals. In keeping with founder, Florence Adepoju’s love for black and gold, the Greater Than - Mascara takes the form of a gold cylinder with rounded edges, and bold black lettering, which diverges massively from the black, straight-edged look of usual mascaras. To complete the luxurious guise, the product feels reassuringly heavy in the palm, as if to further allude that it is a high-end mascara.

This mascara has a large head of soft bristles. Initially, it doesn’t look too unique or different to standard mascara heads, but a closer look at the shape shows that the head tapers at the end, making it easier to reach the lashes near the inner corners of the eyes. The formulation is medium to thick, drying fast on the lashes and delivering an instantly volumised effect. MDMflow are also justified in saying that their first ever mascara is highly intense and pigmented. A slight drawback is that I found that after around six hours of wear, it does run slightly, so it’s not the most water resistant I’ve tried, although it doesn’t clump and builds nicely.

Overall, my thoughts on this mascara are that it provides a unique experience, from the moment you lay eyes on the packaging, and I do like the non-gloopy consistency and how the mascara looks on the lashes.

MDMflow Greater Than - Mascara is priced at £21.00.

For more information, please visit their website.