Mazuri Shea Butter Naturals


Mazuri now caters for the natural hair community with their Shea Butter Naturals range. Their products are made with natural ingredients like shea butter and oils and most of them are free from sulphates, paraben, mineral oil and DEA. I received the Untangle Detangling Spray and Curl Bouncing Jelly Styling Paste to test drive. The Untangle Detangling Spray has a triple action formula that controls frizz, untangles hair and acts as a leave in conditioner. It works well as a daily leave in conditioner which kept my hair soft and moisturised underneath my protective styling. I always had doubts on how effective detangling sprays actually are however this one works really well. I was able to detangle my afro kinky wig with it quite easily. It also has a pleasant smell.

I did not like the Curl Bouncing Jelly Styling Paste at all. Although it gave me a nice hold and definition but it also gave me flakes. My hair was washed and dried the day before using their co-wash and leave in oil moisturiser. I let my hair dry overnight and used it on dry hair but I was disappointed with the results.

I decided to give the Bouncing Jelly another go but this time using it in combination with my leave in conditioner, Shea Moisture Leave in Conditioner. For twist outs I always use a Leave-in Conditioner first and then add the styling product. I did notice white flakes when I added the Jelly and was working it into my hair, however when my hair was fully dry there was no flakes to be seen. I think the product works better on wet hair but watch out for which Leave-in Conditioner you use it with.

Overall I like the Mazuri Shea Butter Naturals range. It’s a budget friendly with good results. I will recommend the line if you are looking for products to start your hair journey or collection.

Mazuri Curl Untangle Detangling Spray is priced at £4.99 and the Bouncing Jelly Styling Paste at £4.99.

For more information, please visit the Paks Website.

Picture taken from Mazuri's Facebook page.