Mavala Jelly Effect Collection


Mavala are a nail brand that require no introduction, having a history that spans over half a century in providing a wide range of nail products and shades. It seems only appropriate that Mavala should follow the gel effect trend, which has proved a huge hit with nail polish addicts, for the benefits are aplenty. Not only do gel effect nails have a great longevity due to the gel texture, but the actual effect is more glossy and shiny too, sometimes making the use of a top coat redundant. I tried three shades from Mavala’s Jelly Effect Collection, namely Happy Cherry, Sugar Berry and Jammy Plum. Happy Cherry is more of a medium to dark hot pink rather than a true cherry shade, and I’m guessing that the ‘happy’ aspect comes into play because the shade is warm and bright. Sugar Berry is also slightly misleading in its name, being more of a bright red with an orange undertone rather than a berry shade. Jammy Plum is my favourite of the three, because it’s a true pinkish plum that is so fitting for the season and is ‘jammy’ indeed. Collectively, the three shades are extremely wearable and are on trend in hue, not just in texture.

The texture is thick and slightly gloopy, as is usual for gel effect nail polishes - it’s this type of texture which makes it a ‘gel effect’ nail polish. This means that the consistency is incredibly easy to apply, and there are no brush strokes visible even with the lightest of coats. What I love the most about this polish is that you can achieve a lovely and juicy translucent effect with a single coat, and it just takes one more coat for an opaque finish.

As with standard gel effect polishes, these produce a high gloss shine. The only slight negatives are that they take a while to dry properly, and I can only get a few good uses from these mini sizes, but these are outweighed by the positives in formulation and shade.

Mavala’s Jelly Effect are priced at £4.75 each.

For more information, please visit their website.