Masque Bar Green Tea Sheet Mask


Masque Bar is a skincare brand with a complete focus on face mask products that incorporate the best of skincare factors across Asia, Europe and America. The main philosophy of the brand is to make professional skincare accessible at home - where one might visit a spa to have a beautician apply a mask, Each pack contains three pre-cut sheets which means that anyone can apply their masks in the comfort and convenience of their home. I’ve previously tried their Brightening Sheet Masks and had a positive outcome, so was eager to try their Green Tea Sheet Masks which have recently been added to the range. The aim of them is to minimise the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation, to deliver a more even skin tone and added radiance. Moreover, the Green Tea Sheet Masks aim to soothe, moisturise and refresh the skin, and make use of Vitamin E, Phyto Collagen and Green Tea Extract. My complexion is very uneven in tone and bears visible signs of hyperpigmentation so I was looking forward to seeing what the Green Tea Sheet Masks could achieve for me.

The sheet masks are extremely easy and quick to use since they’re helpfully pre-cut. It’s moderately wet however this makes the mask feel cooling on the skin, aiding the relaxation and soothing benefits. There’s a mild scent that’s reminiscent of green tea and it lingers on the face after removal, which I like as it contributes to the refreshing feeling. It’s recommended to leave the mask on for 20 to 30 minutes, but the mask adheres to the face well so you can get on with other things in the meantime.

It peels off nicely without irritating the face and reveals an improved complexion in terms of an added glow and radiance. I think it’ll take a bit of time to see if my skin tone is improved by the Green Tea Sheet Masks although the instant benefits of refreshed and soothed clean skin are very welcome. I think Masque Bar have delivered with this product, in terms of performance, convenience and value for money. Despite the accessibility, the sheet masks inhibit a feel of luxury.

Masque Bar Green Tea Sheet Mask is priced at £9.99.

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