Mary Kay Timewise Repair Revealing Radiance Facial Peel


The Mary Kay Timewise Repair skincare collection features products that target the multiple signs of advanced ageing skin. Mary Kay Timewise Repair Revealing Radiance Facial Peel is the latest product to add to the collection. The key ingredients are glycolic acid and marine extract, the first known for its chemical exfoliation properties and latter for its hydrating benefits. This product promises to brighten your skin, improve its texture and reduce fine lines. More importantly it also promises to get you get results in two weeks! I have normal to combination skin which isn’t sensitive. My skin loves and is used to glycolic acid so I was naturally very excited to try this. This will also be the very first glycolic mask I have tried. I have issues with hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone so I knew I would really put this to the test.

I have been using this Facial Peel twice a week since last November. I absolutely love the pump it comes with - not only does it work but it makes it easier to dispense the product. This Peel has a smooth texture and the consistency of a lotion which made it very easy to apply. In my opinion it spreads like butter with a face brush and it has a soft almost powdery scent which is quite lovely.

You are directed to leave it on for 10 mins and rinse off with warm water. You are pre-warned of a slight tingling sensation which I experienced after the second use in the same week but after that there were no signs, even with consistent use. After the two week period, I had used it four times (you’re supposed to use it twice weekly on non-consecutive nights), but didn’t notice much of a different in my skin. It was towards the 4th week that I started noticing that my skin looked more even, especially the hyperpigmentation in the lip area.

I really like this mask and I haven’t stopped using it. It’s really improved my skin tone and I haven’t experienced any side effects or irritation from it. It doesn’t say the percentage of glycolic acid that it contains, although I wish it had. I also love the packaging, the pump that actually works and the smooth texture. This is a great product and although I think it’s quite pricey, I will recommend it.

Mary Kay Timewise Repair Revealing Radiance Facial Peel is priced at £38.00.

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