Mary Kay Paint the Sky Body Lotion

Mary Kay helps you ‘maintain a desirable and tantalising scent throughout the day’ with their Believe and Wonder collection, which presents scented bath and body collections that ‘awaken the senses’.

I have tried two products from the Paint and Sky sub-range of the Believe and Wonder collection, the Fragrance Mist of which was reviewed separately. The Paint the Sky Body Lotion is infused with notes of blackcurrant, sandalwood, orange blossom and velvet musk, for a sweet and uplifting aroma.

The floral-fruity scent is said to ‘uplift your senses and inspire you to paint a vision of what could be’. In terms of its scent, its middle and base notes of predominately sandalwood and velvet musk offset the fruity and floral head notes, to add a bit of elegance to an otherwise flirty fragrance.

The Body Lotion has a thin to medium texture and consistency, which absorbs quickly and well into your skin, with an excellent moisturising and hydrating ability. In terms of hydration, it lasts a long time but has not displaced my usual moisturiser entirely.

However this body lotion is intended to add a bout of ‘desirable and tantalising scent’, so I have been using this after regular moisturising creams which have no fragrance present at all. The fragrance is not overly explicit however is overt enough to be noticed from those close by.

Whilst the performance of the Paint the Sky Body Lotion is perfectly fine, it’s the fragrance that it is infused with that provides the unique selling point in this case. Overall I do like this body lotion and choose to wear it with the Paint the Sky Fragrance Mist where possible, since they both compliment each other well. 

Mary Kay Paint the Sky Body Lotion is priced at £12.00.

For more information, please visit their website.