Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara

Mary Kay has been around for quite some time, however for me it was only last year I stared trying out some of their products and I must say so far so good. I received their Lash Intensity Mascara for a review from a Press Day I attended some months back. The mascara and lipstick is part of their permanent collection

Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara promises to expand, maximise and multiply the look of lashes while delivering the perfect shade of black. It promises 200% more volume and 84% longer looking lashes. They also say the brush has a special ‘double impact’ which plumps and combs through lashes for length. 

I have been using this mascara on and off for a few months now. I do like the design of the tube; classic black with the Mary Kay logo embossed on the cap. The brush is long, not too big or thin and has quite a few bristles on it.  I think it’s a very good mascara; it does add noticeable length and thickness with one coat and dries quickly for a second. It’s also very black so Mary Kay is very right about its high impact pigmentation.

I have noticed though, the more coats you add the clumpier it begins to look - I usually stick with one coat or two without the need to layer another mascara on top of it. I think is may be due to the high impact pigmentation which makes lashes look darker.

This mascara is not waterproof but doesn’t smudge with my makeup setting sprays and it also holds up well during the day. The mascara is fairly easy to remove at the end of the day. It’s definitely a good mascara to have and I can imagine it giving a false lash effect if you have longer or thicker lashes.

Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara is priced at £16.00.

For more information, please visit their website