Mary Kay Eye Colour Palette

Mary Kay’s limited edition Light, Reinvented collection is said to ‘greet the day, or the night, with unexpected combinations of high-impact hues’ that explore the entire spectrum of the season’s favourite colours, and embrace boldness and vibrancy. 

I tried the limited edition Mary Kay Eye Colour Palette in the Glistening Horizon variant. The shades included are far from usual nude shades, which have comprised many eye shadow palettes and quads as far back as I can recollect. Glistening Horizon includes a pastel blue-green, lightly shimmery shade, a mid purple shimmer shade, a muted cobalt blue shimmer shade, and a high shimmery silver-white shade.

Whilst I would probably not attempt to wear all of these shades at once, the purple and blue colours can be teamed with nudes to add a pop of boldness to your eye look, whilst the silver-white and pastel blue-green add light and vibrancy to your look in a reinvented fashion.

The four eyeshadows are tightly packed and finely milled, for a high quality look and finish. The shimmer flecks are incredibly tiny, so offer the reflectiveness and shine of glitter, with an unexpected air of sophistication. They apply easily and well, and are very blendable. In terms of longevity, the eyeshadows last for several hours with only minor signs of budging. The pigmentation is strong and in keeping with the collection’s bold and vibrant concept. 

The eyeshadow quad’s exterior is pleasantly humble and simple, of a translucent white plastic. Whilst the compact lacks a mirror or on-the-go application brushes, the shades included probably aren’t ones you would wear on a daily basis. However this adds to the appeal of the eyeshadow quad offered here. Overall, this is an interesting eyeshadow palette to have, which offers unusual shades that perform really well.

Mary Kay Eye Colour Palette is priced at £16.00.

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