Mary Kay CC Cream Sunscreen SPF 15


Mary Kay have always maintained their ‘A game’ with complexion and face beauty products, not least with their consistently large range of shades, but with the actual performance of the products too. I was keen to learn more about Mary Kay CC Cream Sunscreen SPF 15, which is their version of a tinted moisturiser and a CC Cream. Like a lot of CC Creams nowadays, Mary Kay have formulated theirs so that it incorporates the benefits of skincare together with the coverage of makeup. As you’d expect from a tinted moisturiser, this one aims to provide a lightweight coverage and a natural finish, with the speed and convenience of a regular moisturiser that Mary Kay describe as an easy out-the-door option without a made-up look. There’s four shades available, which superficially seems a bit insufficient, however the minimal range of shades do cover the spectrum of skin tones, serving to make the shade selection process that little bit easier.

I tried the CC Cream Sunscreen SPF 15 in the darkest two shades, Medium to Deep and Deep. The former is an ideal shade for me and delivered a seamlessly good fit for my skin tone in seconds. The CC Cream does oxidise, as most complexion products do, but happily this is only by a negligible amount. The CC Cream has a medium consistency that is highly moisturising and hydrating on the skin, meaning that it is given a certain glow and added radiance to it. I would have loved a bit more coverage, as some of my blemishes weren’t concealed, but the majority of skin types and tones would be well-served by this CC Cream which does diminish redness too. Because of the moisturising aspect of this product, it doesn’t have the same longevity as a full-coverage matte foundation might, but reapplication is quick and fuss-free.

I like the ease of application with this product and how you can apply it to the skin without much preparation beforehand. It really is a handy and versatile option for the face and is one of the best tinted moisturisers I’ve tried. It’s surprisingly affordable and comes in a convenient tube.

Mary Kay CC Cream Sunscreen SPF 15 is priced at £16.00

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