Mary Kay Botanical Effects Freshen


It has been a while since the name of a skincare product has rendered me intrigued, however Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects Freshen has managed to do just that. In essence, it’s a toner for the skin, available in three varieties for different skin types - I tried ‘Formula 3’ which is catered towards combination to oily skin and sensitive skin. Botanical Effects Freshen is said to remove excess oil, without drying your skin. It is formulated with botanicals suitable for your skin type (hence the three formula types) and it contains an antioxidant-rich botanical complex. Also it has been created without any synthetic dyes, or added fragrance, which can lead to irritation if you have sensitive skin.

Usually, continued use of toners tend to dry my skin however Botanical Effects Freshen has managed to achieve the fine line of getting rid of only the unwanted oils and build-up, whilst retaining moisture and hydration for the skin. I used this product after removing makeup to ensure that every last bit is picked up, for the ultimate daily cleanse. The complexion looks clear whilst feeling soothed and refreshed.

Perhaps the biggest plus of this toner is that it helps to minimise the appearance of pores, so you can afford to skip the use of any pore-minimising primers before applying makeup. This is useful for when you want to have pores appear minimised and reduced, yet want to use a different primer under makeup which perhaps does not cater for this. There are barely pore minimising primers that are illuminating, having a tendency to be mattifying. Pores are cleared because of the inclusion of kanuka and guava extract.

Overall, I have found Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects Freshen to be a sort of ‘rescue’ for my face, particularly during the recent humid weather, due to its ability to remove impurities and clear the complexion without any skin irritancy or allergy.

Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects Freshen is priced at £13.00.

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