Mane DIvas Sea Hearts - Banana & Apricot


Somehow, I have become the #brownbeauty HQ resident natural hair blogger and I'm loving it. It is giving me the opportunity to try out new things like this Mane Divas Sea Hearts - Banana & Apricot. As a mum of two, I am always busy doing one thing or another. Because of this, I tend to lean towards products that are quick and easy to use. When this product arrived, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When I was ready to trial it, I came across my first hurdle. Though hard to maintain, I have chosen to wear my hair in its natural state for a few years now. I am not against having chemically treated hair nor am I one of those ‘naturalista’ who only use certain ingredients. In all my years of being natural, I have never bothered with reading up about my hair. I have only ever gone as far as knowing that I have 4C hair.

Back to the hurdle I encountered. As I was ready to use the product, I read the leaflet that came with the product. It contained vital information like benefits of key ingredients, equipments needed, instructions and how to use. My first impression was "whoa, this is some serious stuff". For maximum results, I had to figure out whether I had low or high porosity hair in order to choose the liquid to mix the product with. As mentioned above, researching about my hair is not something I’d had ever done.

According to the leaflet, low porosity hair doesn’t easily allow water in and cuticles lie tightly against the surface of the hair. To open up tightly bound cuticle, distilled water is recommended for mixing. High porosity have gaps and holes in the cuticle which allows water to escape easily this means treatment has to be high in protein and essential fats. Coconut Milk is recommended for this hair type because it has both a protein and moisture aspect.

Unfortunately, this information didn’t really help me so I had to hit the internet for information where I found out that I in fact have low porosity hair. As recommended, I poured 100ml of (distilled ) bottle water into a pan to boil. I then placed all three of the hearts into a bowl and slowly poured the boiled water in, mixing until I achieved a mouse like consistency. Following the instructions, I applied the Mane Divas Sea Hearts - Banana & Apricot in a downwards motion from root to tip. I also applied some to my scalp. Sadly, the product was not enough so I couldn’t cover every strand.

The next step of the treatment was to cover the hair in cling film or a disposable shower cap. I chose both (don’t ask why) because I have low porosity hair as mention earlier, I added heat using a blow dryer and left the treatment on for 45 minute for deep conditioning.

This is definitely the most complicated product I've ever used but the result was worth it. My scalp felt like it’d been stripped from all the product build up. My curls were less tangled, stretched and soft. I quite like this product but I don’t see myself using it more than twice a year. I was pleased with the fact that because the product is a cleanser, I wasn’t required to shampoo before hand.

Overall, if you are looking for a treatment that will cleanse as well as give life to your hair then go for this but make sure you have enough time because the whole process is time consuming and definitely cannot be rushed.

Mane Divas Sea Hearts - Banana & Apricot is priced at £6.99.

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