Male Grooming


Grooming isn't just for women, it applies to men too. In fact over the years male grooming has become very hip due to a certain David Beckham who made it acceptable for men to show off the items in their wash bags. Brands such as Clarins, Clinique and Liz Earle have created ranges specifically aimed at men to tackle cleansing and shaving. For those of you who dismiss it as just a con and don't see why your Dad, brother or other half half can't just pinch some of your products - this is because their skin is 20% thicker and denser than women’s skin which makes it more resilient and heavier. The male skin produces more collagen and generates more cellular activity which means it’s firmer and renews itself faste, so therefore they need their own ranges.  Below are a selection of brands that have a great range for males to tackle their skincare concerns.

MKMen MKMen is Mary Kay's offering for men. The collection consists of an Advanced Eye Cream, Advanced Facial Hydrator Sunscreen, Cooling After Shave Gel, Face Bar and Shave Foam, Facial Toner, Body Spray, Shave Foam. There is also a great fragrance selection which consists of five elegant colognes. The collection contains everything that the modern male needs to be perfectly groomed.

Liz Earle for Men Cleanse & Polish is not just for women, guys can now benefit from the goodness of this cleansing range. Their no-nonsense skincare range is a quick and easy route to clean, smooth, healthier-looking skin. Like the women's range, it is specially formulated using the highest quality botanical ingredients but specifically made to the needs of male skin, our products work hard to make a real difference to your skin's look and feel.

ClarinsMen ClarinsMen contain a wide selection of After Shave Soothers, Energizers and Balms. An innovative range of 20 skin care products have been researched and developed specifically to answer the very different needs of men’s skin. From an Active Face Wash, Exfoliating Cleanser, Shampoo & Shower and eye serum there is something for the modern male.

L'Occitane  If it's luxury products that you are after then you can't get more posh than L'Occitane. From cleansing to moisturing and fragrances, the French brand has lots on offer for the pampered princes out there. There are the Pebble Soaps which are designed to fit snugly in a man’s hand which comes in a variety of lovely dark hues. Then there are a nice selection of fragrances such as Eue de Cade which contains aromatic and woody notes and Mer & Mistral which is an aquatic fragrance that boats sparkling notes such as cypress, rosemary and pine.

Yardley London Following on from the fragrance theme is London Chrome which is a modern and fresh scent inspired by the 60’s era. This fragrance has a touch of softness about it which is captured with notes such as galbanum, apple and bergamot and classic lavender fougere character which is the main aroma. Notes such as warm coriander seed, spicy rose, fresh mosses, clean musks and warming ambers add the masculine edge.

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