Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Brow Palette

Make Up For Ever Palette.png

The Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Brow Palette is part of the Pro Sculpting Range that aims to take highlighting & contouring to the next level, with easy to use professional tools and techniques to shape your entire face with light and shadow. The Pro Sculpting Palette is a 4 in 1 palette that promises to help you groom, define and shape your brows like a professional. It contains a wax, dual ended brow brush and spoilie applicator, a trio of different wet/dry matte powder brow shades and a ‘universal’ cream to powder highlighter. There are two shades of palette to choose from, each with three different brow shades, I received the darker of the Palettes in Harmony 2.

It is a small black compact, with a secure snap shut closure and a mirror housed under the lid, I used the Palette a couple of times to fill and define my brows. The shades have a nice cool undertone, you can mix them to get the best shade for your brows or do an ombre brow look, they can also be used wet, which gives a slightly stronger colour pay off. I actually preferred to use the Palette wet as I felt it gave me much more control during the application process, and I felt this control meant the finished look was actually more natural looking, but still very much well groomed.

I also liked the dual ended spoilie applicator that is included in the palette, as it was fit for purpose despite its small size. However I did not use the brow wax as I am never sure whether to apply it first or last and how exactly I’m supposed to apply it; spoilie, brow brush or mix it together with the brow powder? I also did not like the highlighter shade, to be fair I am not really into highlighting my brow bone, and I found the shade to light and cool toned for my skin tone.

It lasted well on my brows as long as I didn’t touch them, this may be because I did not use the wax. I also worry about cream and powder products being housed in the same compact, especially one as small as this, it will only take a couple more uses for the palette to get quite messy, and you will need a separate brush to apply the highlighter if you don’t want to get brow powder in it.

Although I got nicely groomed brows, I’m still a twist up mechanical brow pencil girl at heart and I won’t use all of the shades in the palette, as some just aren’t fit for my personal use. So this palette isn’t for me, especially with a £29.00 price tag. However if you’re looking for a travel friendly, all in one, compact brow palette and can stump up the £29.00 this is definitely one to consider.

For more information, please visit the Debenhams website