Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette


Makeup Revolution has been giving other make-up brands a real run for their money since its launch earlier this year. The brand has a wide range of affordable cosmetics from foundation to lipstick with the ability to deliver the same results as a high-end brand. I have tried a few of their products and I wasn't disappointed because they most certainly do deliver. The latest product I tested out was the Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette. This product has a professional look, despite it retailing at £6 so you absolutely cannot go wrong. There are three different palettes; one that ranges from Light to Medium, the other from Medium to Dark with the final one consisting of Light shades. I tried the Light to Medium which contains eight different hues ranging from a medium mocha right through to a light caramel which can be blend together to achieve the perfect coverage.

I am really impressed with the coverage I got from this palette, it is highly pigmented and blends easily. It literally hides all the imperfections without requiring you to apply too much product. The palette is also good for contouring - for that perfect structured face. It's durable too; one application lasts all day - I put it to the test while on my holiday to Santorini and I was not disappointed.

Makeup Revlution Concealer Palette

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