Makeup Girl About Town - Lipstick Spill


Anna Durston is a make-up artist who has been in the industry for 15 years. She has become exposed to a wide variety of beauty products and techniques on the market and this month she is talking about the latest lipstick spill on the market. Sometimes when I do a shoot, the fashion/beauty editor or stylist will give me lots of information on what type of look they are going for; from lipstick to nail varnish colour. In one email for a shoot in the early summer for an October/November issue the stylist asked me to bring dark red and berry lipsticks. I know there are some great colours around but I wanted a tone of red that was really ‘now.'

Kiss Cosmetics kindly provided me with a fab colour called No 9 Lady in Red. Along with it came something they asked me to try out, a Colour Switch. If you’ve ever seen a colour of lipstick on someone and thought ‘that would look great on me if it was a bit lighter’ or if you have a favourite dark plum or chocolate brown and would like to take it up a shade, maybe for Spring or Summer, then this is the perfect product. It' s also great for the experimenters out there to try some of the two tone looks with a lighter colour just on the middle of the lips.

The Colour Switch is just like a lipstick and you apply it straight on over your colour. It blends really well and is soft and moist, so no dragging across the lips or a very dry matt look. You may need a lip brush to blend in the edges a bit or a lip pencil. To clean the Colour Switch all you need to do is just wipe it with a dry tissue. The colour comes off straight away without taking off too much of the product. It’s been such a hit it’s been shortlisted for The Pure Beauty Awards.

The opposite of lightening your lipstick is to make it darker for that Autumn/Winter look. Barry M, that master of colourful shades cosmetics company does an excellent Matt Lip Paint in black with a rich soft velvety finish. For those of us that mix and match a lot, MAC Cosmetics do a white and black LipMix. MAC also do other Satin LipMix colours such as Orange, Medium Nude, Dark Nude, Red, Fuchsia, Magenta, and for those daring makeup artists of us out there, you can knock yourself out with Yellow, Cyan and Blue.

Available on line and in Pro MAC stores only, this range of colours might be more suitable for us Women of Colour, than the Colour Switch which can look a bit chalky in some instances but is fine for an affordable, quick change quality product. With more of us experimenting (and posting on social media) plus the huge range of products now available, it is so much fun to have new and inventive products to play with.