Makeup Girl About Town - Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick


Anna Durston is a make-up artist who has been in the industry for 15 years. She has become exposed to a wide variety of beauty products and techniques on the market and this month she is talking about her love for Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipsticks. Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipsticks have made me feel the grown up sophisticated lady I always thought was fighting inside me to get out but wouldn't be ready for another 10 or so years. Before I had even read anything about these luscious lipsticks, the look of them screams sophistication and understated glamour. The packaging - all gold with a hint of the Clarins red - underneath means you'll never mind touching up your lipstick in public. The same goes for the colours too - very ladylike colours that are subtle. Perfect for anyone who need to look polished but not over the top/fashionista.

The first colour I tried was 01 Nude Rose, which is a beautiful pale pink which is a great look for spring and summer. As a lover of a nude lipstick this is the one I've been wearing the most. Despite my longing to be a sophisticated lady, I am usually found in casual clothing, (no-one expects the makeup artist to dress up) so this is a really easy colour for me to wear and I love the little pop of pink it gives.

The next colour I went for was No 13 Woodrose. Having said I love a nude lipstick, this colour actually blends in with my skin tone much better, giving me a very neutral look with a grown up looking hint of pink/brown. I would wear this if I worked in an office because it is perfectly harmless and very easy to wear.

I bought the last colour because I thought it was going to be really dark but that was not the case. No19 Chestnut Brown is a brown with a tiny touch of pinky/red and a subtle sparkle. This is actually a pretty neutral colour and on some skin tones would be a really lovely nude with a little extra sparkle. I thought it was going to be too dark for me to like, but clever old Clarins have done a fab job of creating some very wearable shades. 15 in total.

Clarins Rouge Eclat is an age-defying lipstick which means it goes on a dream. Containing Vitamin E, it's very moisturising and I didn't need lip balm, before or after wearing. The overall effect is a luxurious look and a creamy, satin finish. It sits well on the lips - I didn't use a lip pencil on any of the shades and they lasted most of the day, even after eating. In keeping with the sophisticated packaging the smell is subtle too (some lipsticks are so overpowering) sweet smelling blackberry and liquorice.

This product would be a great addition to anyone's makeup for those times you want or need to feel sophisticated and polished. Perfect for those of us over 35 and a wonderful gift idea. Who wouldn't be pleased to receive such a glam looking lipstick?

Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipsticks are priced at £20.00