Makeup Girl About Town - Black Secret Make-up Launch Party


I had been eagerly waiting for the Black Secret Make-up launch party which took place a few weeks ago. It is a new makeup range, just for Women of Colour which was created in Ghana and is now being distributed in the UK. Plus I had a new pair of heels that needed an outing and what better place to rock new gorgeous shoes for than the heart of glam Chelsea. My walk from the tube was quite eventful which included having to buy an umbrella but it meant that I bumped into two other lost ladies looking for the same event. The slightly long walk meant we had plenty of time to chat beauty, eyeliner and swap cards. The venue was the upper rooms of the stylish double fronted pub The Hollywood Arms. The queue on the stairs to get in told me how excited everyone was about this new brand of makeup.

After I had signed in my first port of call was the products. I even resisted the bar which was serving yummy cocktails and the cupcakes. Black Secret Make-up sells affordable mineral makeup for WoC and their collection consists of foundations, powders, eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, lip glosses and blushers. I had a play with the foundations which have lovely textures and good coverage. On display were the Liquid Foundations, Crème to Powder Foundation and Two Way Foundation which had some exquisite colours.

However, I fell in love with the lipsticks which consisted of a fabulous selection of great colours. I overheard Ronke our brownbeauty founder and Editor exclaimm, "At last a true chocolate brown." I had a good play with the coloured lip balms which were enticingly packaged in bold diamonte pots and the Eyeshadow Palette before moving onto the Blushers in bold, rich colours. Then distraction came in the form of my brownbeauty buddies. Maria aka @MsXpat and Jo aka @PatentPurple where much chat followed by a trip to the bar. Then it was time to have a look at the makeup in action. There were five makeup artists all kept busy by inquisitive ladies of London. Every artist took their time to get the colours right for each lady. There was much admiring and “ohhing” after someone was finished.

Afterwards we were addressed by the UK distributor and Makeup Artist, Chantell Simone Graham. Beautifully dressed in peacock blue, she told us about how she believed in Black Secret and her visions for the brand. She thanked everyone involved in the launch including the chief executive, Bernard Annoah who had flown in from Ghana. More socialising, chatting and exchanging of cards followed, helped along with some splendid canapés. After a wonderful evening my feet in the new shoes were telling me to go home.

Black Secret Makeup Launch pic 2

For more information about Black Secret Make-up please visit their website.

Look out for a review of this brand on brownbeautytalk in due course.

Pic taken by Jo Gay.