Make-Up Girl About Town - Revisiting Fashion Fair


A while ago I received a lovely invite from Jo Gay, Head of Social Media at Fashion Fair and fellow brownbeauty writer to get introduced to the brand over a coffee. We met at Debenhams on Oxford Street where the makeup brand has a counter. To be honest the name Fashion Fair conjured up memories from my teenage years, when we were lucky enough to have one at my local branch of Boots. I hadn’t realised they were still going. To my shame they are growing and thriving in Debenhams, Boots as well as online. This is what I found out when I had a chance to revisit Fashion Fair. Jo and one of the Fashion Fair team showed me their products, starting with their amazing collection of foundations. I say amazing as there is a huge range to suit different ages, skin types and needs. My favourite is True Finish Liquid Foundation, which has more of a natural look, it is available in three undertones, yellow, red and neutral and comes in a whooping 18 shades. This foundation has full coverage but is light and easy to blend and wear. When I tried it on at home my skin looked natural and had a lovely glow to it.

True Fix Foundation is one of their newest formulas. It comes in two shades so you can customise your foundation or contour. This product, however has a fuller coverage and is a good solution for the different skin tones many Women of Colour experience. Fast Finish is a creamy foundation stick, which was my next favourite. It has a great texture for blending and dries to a powder finish. I would probably use it for contouring and highlighting, but if you want a fuller coverage all over this is ideal. Plus it comes in an amazing 17 shades.

Oil Free Perfect Finish Souffle is Fashion Fair’s full coverage cream foundation. If you need a long wear product that absorbs oil leaving a velvety finish, this is the one. It is great too if you need to cover spots or scaring. According to Fashion Fair, this product is proving to be a hit with the younger generation too as well as the faithful older clients who have grown up with the product.

Cover Tone Concealing Creme is available in six shades and can be used on your face or body. Concealers are an essential part of my kit. I love using a light base but there are always some areas that need a little bit of help. That annoying spot, scar, the red bits around your nose, or a bit of pigmentation.

I was really impressed by the range of colours, tones and different textures. These days ladies want a whole lot of different things from their foundations, from a light coverage to a fully contoured perfect finish. So it’s quite something when a makeup company steps up to the challenge of creating a full line of foundations. That was just the foundations. Jo took me through the rest of the line which included the different powders to complement the foundations, eyeshadows, and eye makeup essentials.

The eyeshadows have a good pigmentation and as do their mascara, liquid eyeliner and eyebrow powder. I’ve fallen in love with a couple of the Lipsticks aka Orange Ole and Foxy Pink (check out my Instagram account) and - deep breath - they do a skin care range. Needless to say I enjoyed my session with Fashion Fair and it was wonderful to have revisit to the brand - I was lucky to be gifted some products to add to my makeup kit.

Fashion Fair is still a family run company, quite rare these days and is providing a very wide choice of products. It has its faithful clients, from around the world (France, Dubai, Africa, The Caribbean) but it would be great if a new generation could add this fantastic company to their list of trusted, ‘go to’ brands.

For more information, please visit their website.