Make-Up Girl About Town - Frozen with Diane Parish


Anna Durston is a make-up artist who has been in the industry for 15 years. She has become exposed to a wide variety of beauty products and techniques on the market and this month she tells us about her photo shoot with Diane Parish who plays Denise Foxe in EastEnders. When the details for my job last week came through. I was overjoyed to see it was to do make-up and hair for two of EastEnders' best aka Tameka Empson and Diane Parish. Two beautiful Women of Colour. The theme was Winter royal glam with a sense of humour which resulted in a pair of gorgeous Snow Queens in the frosty forest with a touch of Frozen. However the cold did not bother them at all. As a make-up artist this is music to your ears; a chance to be a bit creative and fun. I was sharing the job with fellow make-up artist (MUA), Roisin Donaghy. She did Tameka’s make up and I did Diane’s. Ms Parish was up for a bit of sparkle so I got my glitter out.

I started with her foundation. Diane has amazing skin and you would never guess her age - but I’m not going to reveal. It is soft, supple and blemish free. (unlike me with my pesky monthly spot) so only a light base was needed. I used Sleek Bare Skin Foundation in Hot Chocolate 386 and Earth 384 for highlighting and MAC Powder NC30.

From the clothes and set we knew that the make-up had to be glamorous. I went all out dramatic for Diane’s eyes. I started by using the White in the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Facination all over the lid. This was followed by a thick lick of MAC Gel Eyeliner in black to create a cat eye flick, which was exaggerated more so by adding MAC Matte Carbon at the outer corner of the eyes and into the socket line.

Conker by Sleek in the Naturel 601 Eyeshadow Palette was blended in while a couple of coats of YSL Baby Doll Mascara and some false individual lashes were added. Bourjois 41 Black Party Eyeliner was used inside and underneath to really bring out the shape of Diane’s eyes. Finally some silver glitter was added to the inner corners of the eyes.

I used Sleek’s Highlighter in medium, which you may think is on the light side for Diane but its highlighter was just the right shade. I added a fantastic soft glow to the apples of the cheeks. A slick of Bobbi Brown’s Blackberry Lip Color and we were there.

All this makeup and hair done with still time to spare for chatting (which was there was a lot of) plus tea and toast. I asked Diane if it was ok to write about our shoot and she was more than happy to be included in a beauty Website dedicated to Women of Colour. She and I are similar in age (no, not going there) and remember what it was like growing up and having nothing for us in make-up departments and magazines. (maybe a bit of Flori Roberts in large stores) and trying that lipstick that ‘everyone’ was wearing at school only to find it looked completely different and a spangly, sparkly mess.

Diane mentioned that she used to dread sitting down in the make-up chair for work knowing the MUA would have nothing suitable for her. It's so different now - things are changing in mainstream magazines but very slowly. I was so disappointed when The Guardian stopped their column by Hannah Poole, and so delighted when I found out about brownbeauty. The greatest difference has been in our shops. In our big cities it’s not so difficult to get a broad price range of suitable products. Not to mention the internet.

All hail and praise be. Its only about 30 or so years too late.