Make Me Beautiful Smoky Eye Shadow Quad


Make Me Beautiful is an affordable and extensive makeup range which is available in Next. After recently trying their Sheer Chubby Sticks, I had high expectations for their Smoky Eye Shadow Quad. The product showcases four metallic shades of eyeshadow, ranging from white to dark grey. The four shades are all cool-toned and are effective when wanting to create a neutral, subtle daytime look, or a dramatic, ice-queen evening look. The white shade can be used as a brightening base - before any eyeshadow of your choosing - to enhance its intensity. There is then an easy-to- wear medium grey, and also a grey shade which is slightly darker with a hint of blue. Lastly is a very dark, charcoal grey, which makes for a sophisticated alternative to black. Smoky eyes are effortless to achieve with these four shades - they complement each other well. I would recommend wearing cool-toned lip and cheek colours when wearing eyeshadows from this quad, which would elevate the four shades unlike warm-toned makeup, which would clash with them.

The metallic finish is subtle, with a lack of obvious glitter flecks but with the ability to gleam in the light. Despite the metallic finish, I experienced minimal fall-out when wearing this on top of my usual eyeshadow primer. I feel that the eyeshadows wear well, lasting for roughly seven to eight hours before showing the slightest signs of fading. Even though there’s no brush included in this palette, it is still handy to take around on the go, due to its sturdy exterior.

Overall, I think that this product is an effective, high-quality quad that is versatile because of its suitability for day or night wear.

Make Me Beautiful Smoky Eyeshadow Quad is priced at £7.50.

For more information, please visit their website.