Make Me Beautiful Nail Polish


It’s hard to be surprised by nail polishes nowadays - all finishes and colours seem readily accessible - but Make Me Beautiful (the beauty range by Next) have some interesting nail polishes within their line-up and I was able try a couple of them. The first is a matte effect nail polish in shade Frozen. Even if the shade was named differently, you would still be inclined to think of Elsa from the Disney film of the same name, since the blue is the exact same bright sky blue depicted on her dress, with the same high glitter effect. I’ve tried glitter nail polishes, and matte nail polishes, but none with both features combined. The combined matte and glitter effect is unique and interesting, and adds sophistication to the sky blue shade. The second nail polish I tried is a pearl effect one in shade Molten Platinum. I was drawn to this shade instantly because it’s a silvery dark grey, with a hint of green in its shade and a highly pearlescent finish. Molten Platinum is a definite grown-up shade and one which is particularly suited for evening wear.

Both nail polishes require two coats for complete opacity, however I do like the semi-opaque finish that one coat provides. Each nail polish contains a large amount of product (14ml), adding to the sense of high value that Make Me Beautiful provide with this nail polish. These nail polishes are exceptionally hard-wearing, lasting for roughly seven to eight days, even without the use of a base or a top coat. They dry quite quickly and look smooth and even, which is ensured by the wide and flat brush.

Make Me Beautiful’s nail polishes are unpredictably unique and are of a high quality, despite the affordable price tag of £4.50 each.

For more information, please visit their website.