Mahogany Naturals Extraordinary Conditioning Detox and the Luscious Hair Milk


Last year I reviewed Mahogany Naturals’ Irish Cream Hair Smoothie which smelt divine and worked a treat on my damaged hair. Since that time the brand has gone through rebranding and have released new products on the market. The brand is doing so well, it’s now stocked in Xsandy’s Hair and Beauty store and sold on Amazon. I absolutely love the new luxurious packaging with rich deep browns and golden yellow for the colour scheme. I tried out the Extraordinary Conditioning Detox and the Luscious Hair Milk. I used the products together and frankly this dynamic duo don’t require a third wheel. These products are ideal for multi-tasking organic haircare maintenance for the beauty who likes quality without the fuss.

I read the direction for the Extraordinary Conditioning Detox but thought it was incredible that a product would cleanse and condition my hair. I applied the product to wet hair massaged it into my hair. Then, I wrapped my hair in plastic and left it for about 45 minutes which was five minutes more than the recommended time. I did wonder if the luscious black mixture would leave any residue on my white bathtub, but I need not have worried. It washed away totally with the rinse water. My rinsed hair not only felt clean, it was soft and silky and there was none of that that stripped squeaky feeling.

I’ve never used a product like that before; it cut down my hair wash time and delivered on its promises. I’d say the Extraordinary Conditioning Detox is the idle lazy/busy girls’ haircare product. Best of all it can be used weekly plus it’s vegetarian friendly. The first four listed ingredients are Moroccan Rhassoul, Hibiscus, Marshmallow Root and Aloe Vera Gel but it also contains Raw Honey and African Black Soap.

After cleansing my hair I followed up with the Luscious Hair Milk for styling. I applied the rich creamy hair milk to towel-dried hair and scrunched it in, then followed up by diffusing. My curls were on point, shiny, silky bouncy and moisturised. I usually apply a natural oil before applying my styling product, but I didn’t need it with product. On the following day my hair still felt soft, looked moisturised, and no frizz.

The hair milk can be used daily to add moisture or to restyle hair. The first three ingredients are Purified Water, Aloe Vera, and Sweet Almond Oil. It’s aimed at all hair types and having used the product, I agree it’s suitable to all hair types. Although depending on the curl type and styling method, gel may be required or simply refresh the curls with water and more hair milk. This products should last at least a mont.

Mahogany Naturals prides itself on using the best quality organic ingredients and that’s easy to believe. The products I’ve used look, smell and feel lush, as well as work effectively. They have a host of products for all in the family.

Mahogany Naturals 2016 pic 2

Mahogany Naturals Extraordinary Conditioning Detox is priced at £40.00 and the Luscious Hair Milk at £25.00.

For more information, please visit their website.