MAC Versicolour Stain


MAC Cosmetics have recently released the Versicolour collection, which showcases the Versicolour Stains in sixteen stylish shades. Once again, MAC prove, with this collection that they’re at the forefront in the beauty industry in terms of innovation. The Versicolour Stain is described as the ultimate fusion of gloss and stain in one fluid formula that melts onto lips for a full-on glassy shine that lasts and lasts and lasts. Infused with emollient oils, its creamy, lightweight texture stays bright, lustrous and is so comfortable without ever cracking or peeling. This product is like an energy shot for your lips with hues from deep wine and perfectly nude pink, to popping corals and fiery orange-red which live long into the day (and night). I love trying multi-purpose products and I was curious to see if MAC really managed to create a gloss and stain in one product.

The product takes the form of an unassuming tube and has a standard sponge, doe applicator. The formula of the Versicolour Stain is thick in the tube, but when you apply it, it translates as a thin, sheeny veil (like a stain) and builds easily to become a gloss. You could say then that most glosses start off like a stain since they are buildable in nature, but the stain produced by the Versicolour is wonderfully even and durable. Alternatively, you can apply the gloss thickly and blot for a stain. The Stain lasts for roughly four or five hours before showing signs of fading.

I tried two shades, namely Resilient Rouge (a bright, cherry red) and Preserving Passion (a deep wine). Resilient Rouge is a classic colour however the gloss-stain fusion gives it a whole new meaning. My personal favourite of the two - and indeed of the whole collection - is Preserving Passion; it’s a medium to dark plum tinged with dark pink and purple, and is particularly attractive on darker skin tones. MAC have delivered superbly with their new lip product, and I hope their innovative offerings continue to pave the way forward.

MAC Versicolour Stain are priced at £20.00.

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