MAC Trends for A/W16

MAC Trends A:W16A couple of months ago we attended out first MAC Trend Presentation to find out what the looks for this Autumn and Winter will be. I know it is a bit of a while off but we always find makeup trends very exciting and always like to know what will be on the faces of beauty lovers. The tagline was strict precision meats individuality and a fresh approach to authenticity. Base MAC predict the return to a more natural look with a lightweight base - so goodbye contouring. The idea will be to make your skin show by using a very natural base and ending with that barely there makeup look.

Eyes Like your base, the emphasis is on natural colours with a loose and haphazard application. Gone is the precise application of eye liner using liquid liners, more of gel and pencil liners that can be easily smudged.

Lips With lips we are looking at a strong but an alternative look that is grungy but sophisticated. We will see lip colour that looks like your own lip colour and lots of heart shaped lips. Matching your eyes, the focus will be on the application which will be a lot more quirky. This goes the same for Lip Liner which will be applied as if haphazardly and not perfect. Glossy lips are back but with more lasting power due to improved technology.

Nails Short nails are out and long pointed nails are in. We are looking at matte nails but not flat. The emphasis is glamorous with attitude. Clear tips will replace white tips in French Manicures. Expect to see lots of pastel nails with a shimmer topcoat. Nail art will still be present but on a much smaller scale. What we will see will be subtle nail art on the back of your nails.

Bring on Autumn!