MAC Is Beauty


MAC’s latest collection, namely the MAC Is Beauty collection, is based on the concept of beauty parlours and salons, yet in this instance, ‘no appointment is required’. MAC invite you to indulge in a world of ‘pure, delicious vanity, where you can preen supreme, emerging perfectly coiffed, polished and all glammed up’, through their extensive MAC Is Beauty range which utilises ‘salon-sensational shades to knock them dead’. I tried a few products from the collection. Firstly I tried the Pro Longwear Fluidline Gel Eyeliner in shade Brassy, which is a brassy gold. MAC claim that their Fluidline Gel Liners are supposed to be long-wearing and easy to apply. Brassy presented me with my first experience of MAC’s Fluidline Gel Liners, and I was impressed with the formula. The formula is buttery soft and as fool-proof and quick to apply as MAC suggest. It lasts about six hours before it starts to slip slightly at the corners of the eyes but one needs to consider that

Brassy has a (striking) metallic finish, so won’t last as long as a matte finish might. I am truly taken by the shade because it’s surprisingly versatile - a touch of gold on the inner corners of the eyes or lower lash line brightens and widens the eyes, whilst on the upper eyelid, it makes for a cool alternative to typical dark eyeliner shades, although its eye-catching metallic finish ensures no compromise on intensity.

I also tried two Lipsticks from the collection. Notice Me is a pale lilac lipstick in a lustre finish, that has a sheer coverage with a noticeable sheen. This shade seems like a suitable name because whenever you go to a salon, you admittedly want the results to be noticed, at least to some extent. Because the finish is slightly glossy, this Lipstick doesn’t last very long, however its colour is what gives this product a standing. The pale lilac can also be described as a mild lavender shade with a hint of youthful pink. Although I was initially apprehensive about Notice Me, I was happy to find that it wears well, especially with a similar toned blusher and minimal eye makeup, which achieves a slight ethereal finish; something which calls to be noticed.

I also tried Diva-ish, which is an intense fuchsia lipstick in an amplified finish, which gives an opaque coverage, much like MAC’s matte lipsticks, but is much more hydrating and comfortable on the lips. Because of this, it’s quite easy to wear yet achieves the same reigning allure that only matte lipsticks can achieve. The potent pink is timeless, effortless to wear and is suited to the warmth of the current season. The hot shade also plays to the stereotype of a ‘diva’ in a salon in a fun light. Diva-ish isn’t as unique as Notice Me, but is more long-wearing and has a superior formula and consistency.

My overall thoughts on the MAC Is Beauty collection are that it’s a feminine collection which uses a summer palette suitably. I particularly like the unusual gems in the collection such as Notice Me which can’t be duped too easily, and also the high quality of each product in the collection.

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MAC Is Beauty is available now.

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