MAC Giambattista Valli


We all know Giambattista Valli knows the female body well. His incredible dresses have been worn by big names like Zoe Saldana, Lupita Nyong'o and Jessica Alba. When it was announced late last year that he would be collaborating with MAC, one of the biggest names in beauty, we were not sure what to expect. Well let's just say the MAC Giambattista Valli collection is beyond our wildest imagination, he has gone and created fun colours to dress our lips. In recent months, maybe even years, MAC have been churning out limited edition collections and collaborations. Some were hits and some were far from, for me what stands out from the collection is the packaging. I am a sucker for a product that looks pretty on the outside. In the past, MAC have moved away from their classic black packaging, like with the Rihanna collection and more recently, the Toledo Collection. This time they have gone for coloured packaging, with each tube of lipstick a reflection of its colour. Valli explained his reason for this saying "he thinks its more comfortable to check in your bag and find the colour that you are after"

The collection is made up of five matte lipstick shades and a high-gloss all inspired by couture looks. We were sent two to trial before they hit the stores. Margherita is a yellow bright peach and Tats is a bright hot pink. The colours are bold and no build up is needed, the swatch pictured below is just one coat. I love Tats and I think it works well as a pink for all skin tones. Though Margherita is a beautiful shade perfect for summer, I don't it is suitable for all Women of Colour because it can look chalky. Saying this, it might look good with the right lip liner. Both lipsticks have a metallic undertone that goes away after long wear.

I am flabbergasted by the staying power of these lipsticks. We all know that MAC's matte lipsticks have long wear but these are incredible. I predict that this collection is going to be a hit. Valli achieved what he set out to do which is to lip products that reflect his design aesthetics or floral hues and standout textures.

MAC Vialli pic 2

MAC Giambattista Valli Lipsticks are priced at £17.00 and £19.00 for the High-Gloss.

For more information, please visit their website.