MAC Fluidity Collection


MAC have introduced some new eyeliners to their collection, known as the Fluidity Collection aka Fluidline Pens, which consists of four shades; Indelibly Blue, Privet, Retro Black and Vintage Brown. These eyeliners combine the vivid pigment of a Fluidline, but with the versatility of a pen, so great for those who are not fans of gel pot eyeliners. The pens come to a fine point, so you can have a really thin line or lay the brush on its side to get a fuller liner look. These products are matte and dry down quite quickly, they are also Ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers, plus they offer smudge and water resistant wear for up to eight hours. I have two of the four shades, I’ll start with Retro Black, this is a dark grey black as oppose to a deep dark black. It’s nice for a softer look without having to use a brown liner, but I do tend to prefer my black liner as deep and black as it can get. The liners do last well on the lids, and are smudge resistant, although I don’t typically have a problem with this anyway.

The next shade I have is Indelibly Blue, which is a deep navy colour, it’s actually deeper than the Retro Black. It’s a nice alternative to black liner, but without pushing you too much outside of your comfort zone, if you usually wear black liner. However I feel that there isn’t enough blue in this shade and on my skin tone it just looks like a black liner, until you get into certain lighting then you may just about see a hint of blue. I still however prefer this shade over the Retro Black, to get the best pigment out of these liners you have to apply the first layer, allow it to dry down and go over it again for a really nice bold finish.

MAC Fluidity is available to buy on the US website.