MAC Dark Desires Eyeshadow


As part of the Dark Desires Collection, MAC have introduced dual purpose eyeshadow and eyeliners. They are eyeshadow pans that are smaller than the usual MAC Eyeshadows and they can be used wet or dry for eyeshadow or eyeliner. The unique thing is that the eyeshadows have a small dip in the middle where you can add a drop of water then use a eyeshadow or liner brush to apply to the lids, you can obviously also just wet your brush. The eyeshadows are essentially matte pressed pigments, which provide crease and fade proof pigmented dual purpose colour. There are six shades in total of which I have two - Beg For It which is a black shade and Dark Desires described as a blackened eggplant, it’s a deep dark purple that is so dark it looks almost black. I found these eyeshadow liners much more pigmented and true to colour when used wet, once they dry down they last really well on the lids and require waterproof makeup remover to remove with ease. When used dry they require a little work to build up the colour, and don’t look as bold as they do wet, I prefer to use the shades I have as eyeliner than eyeshadow.

I can’t find these on the MAC UK website, but they are available on the US website for $20 each.