MAC Cosmetics Nicki Minaj Nicki's Nude Lipstick

The first time I opened this Nikki Minaj Nude Lipstick by MAC, I couldn't quite see how it could be called "nude". I still don't see it because it looks very pink in the tube. When I swatched it, I was shocked. It's just so pink. I was expecting something more nude than pink because it's called Nicki's Nude and she also has a pink one called Pinkprint. Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised; this is Nikki Minaj after all.

The lipstick comes encased in metallic, warm-pink packaging with Nikki Minaj's signature on it. It is truly beautiful. When I buy limited edition products, I want the packaging to be special so I am pleased with this. The colour of the lipstick has been described by MAC as a "soft corally pink" but I would call it a bold coral pink.

The lipstick is creamy and very pigmented. In fact, it's too creamy, even for me, as I found it very difficult to get an even colour across my dark lips. The only way I can wear Nicki's Nude is by applying it then patting it down with my fingers to soften the impact. I haven't tried it with a lip brush (I just don’t have time or adequate lip space to mess around with lip tools) but I would probably still have to blot it rather than wear at full intensity.

I found Nicki's Nude to be as high maintenance as a red lipstick because it comes up so bright and pink on me. It's certainly not my nude. I wonder if it would have worked better if I tried it with a lip pencil but I don't have one that matches.

In addition to the two shades which bear Nicki Minaj's signature, 24 other nude-coloured Lipsticks and Lipglasses have been released. On screen, they look much more like wearable nudes rather than what I call statement nudes. Whist those are still available online, Nikki's Nude and Pinkprint are not. If you want them, try checking in-store; when I do that sometimes I get lucky.

The lipsticks cost £16.50 and whilst I wouldn't buy one in Nicki's Nude, I would like to see her pink shade and would probably end up buying three of the other nude shades because that's just what I do.

For more information, please see the MAC website