MAC Brooke Shields Collection


The Brooke Shields collection with MAC is one that got me quite excited. As much as Brooke is a famous actress and model she is older than the average MAC collaborator so I was interested to see what she came up with. I have had a chance to play with the eyeshadow palette and corresponding lip gloss from her day look and this is what I think of them. Veluxe Pearl Fusion Shadow Palette (Mortal) The palette contains five veluxe shades which means they are shimmery and they are all very light shades. They look like to a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (look out for a review of that product on the site) and are very very similar in tone. There is a white gold, a peach gold, an orangy gold, a bronze and a lilac with a warm undertone which they call plum but trust me it isn’t. I also found that the long thin rectangle was not the easiest to use – you have to turn your brush to the side and use it length wise.

The quality of MAC shadows is not in dispute as far as I am concerned, I used an eyelid primer and these were on my lids with the same brightness for over 12 hours. However, this palette needs a dark and or matte shade in my opinion. There isn’t a colour to define and contour the lid with and because the tones are all so similar in shade I found it hard to create a variety of looks. If you are a fan of shimmery golden tones or just want a wash of colour this may fit your needs.

I don’t know who decided on the packaging for this range but I don't like it at all. It is grey - not a beautiful charcoal grey or a Dulux with a hint of grey but a non descript mid grey. There is no exciting texture to lift the palette and it is quite dull to look at.

Tinted Lipglass Artful The lipglass does not deposit a lot of colour on my pigmented lips so I had to build it up to get the colour. For me to make it work it required a brown lip pencil. On my Caucasian friends it created a ‘my lip but better’ look that was interestingly not too pink or too brown. On me it was just wrong. I think the Knockout shade would be a better match for a deeper skin tone. If you have a skin tone that the beauty industry like to describe as olive, honey, toffee or caramel, this colour is probably perfect for you.

Overall I am a fan of the collection – I have played with the night looks in store and they are a better match for my skin tone.

Brooke Shields with MAC (2)

The Veluxe Pearlfusion Palette is £33.00 and the Tinted Lipglass is £20.00.

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