Luxe Braids - Review


I was first introduced to the Luxe Braids service via brownbeauty in October 2015. I was looking for someone to do Crochet Braids for me as I had never done them before and loved all the images of fabulous big hair all over Instagram. My first experience of booking with the company was an interesting one, I was excited about booking online and even paying online but alas the website does not yet accept full online payments via Paypal. There are some payment options like a 20% deposit payment and a luxepay option but it was not immediately clear how to process these. I would much rather have the option of paying immediately even if it’s 50% with the rest being paid upon completion of the style and a clearly defined refund model just in case. The online calendar is also not 100% perfect as you still need to await confirmation from the company’s team before your booking is confirmed and that can take up to 24 hours.

However if you book well in advance of when you need a service I can’t see this being a problem, it only becomes an issue if you want an emergency hair appointment. I booked an appointment with Hawa Kaikai, an NVQ qualified hairdresser with a passion for braiding. Once your appointment is confirmed via email you will receive a text message which reminds you of your style choice and what you will need to ensure that the session runs smoothly, e.g. make sure your hair is washed unless you have already requested an additional hair washing service etc. Hawa came to my home prepared with all the tools she needed to do my hair and was a warm and friendly woman. I used the service twice where I had Crochet Braids and then braids done and I was very happy with the results. The Crochet Braids took around two hours and the braids took just over four. I would use the service again.

The costs depends on the length for each style which was changed slightly for each session. It was £55.00 for crochet and £75.00 for braids.

For more information about Luxe Braids, please visit their website.