LUSH Volcano


When I think of a mask images of face, eye and hair masks comes to mind and I don't really think of one for feet. I was introduced to the wonders of Volcano last summer at an event that LUSH held in their Bromley store. It is a cooling and invigorating Foot Mask that aims to stimulate, uplift and refresh your tired feet. It contains powerful deodorising ingredients and brightening papaya, while the pumice means it also doubles up as a foot scrub. I must admit they had me at uplift and refresh; as someone who spends a lot of time walking my feet tend to take a bashing. Also as I don't have time to go for pedicures this means that my poor feet are in some dying need of serious TLC, so an at home foot mask is ideal for my lifestyle.

I applied the mask to my feet and wrapped them in plastics bag (to avoid getting any mess on my carpet) and then literally put my feet up with a cuppa while I waited for it to work. The texture is very thick and quite dense so I had to really work to rub it into my soles. As the mask contains lemon my room was left with a fresh citrus smell. I rinsed it off after half an hour, it did take a while to wash off but my feet were left feeling soft, fresh and energised. LUSH are not kidding at all when they promise that Volcano will leave you with an extra pep in your step. This mask left me feeling ready to take on the world and a lot of the hard skin had dissolved.

This really is a great mask to use in the winter when you want to slough away all the dead skin that builds up or if you want to revive your footsies in the summer and keep them fresh during the warm weather. The pot is sized at 125g and you can get three or four uses out of it.

LUSH Volcano is priced at £6.75.

For more information, please visit their website.